Saturday, 4 January 2014

The True Crown 

By. Ning Sehati

Remember the first day of this year, a stranger lady approached us in a crowded. It was almost Ashar -Hong Kong time- when me and my friends were hanging around The Victoria Park, the famous place in Hong Kong for Indonesian domestic helpers to gather and meet friends in their holiday.

"Excuse me... Do you speak in English?" she asked.

"Yes?" three of us answered.

"May I know, why so many women around here? What are they doing?"

"There is an expo," I said, pointed at the expo inside the park.

"There is a demonstration," my friend said, pointed at the people outside the park.

"We are having a public holiday," my other friend said.

"Oh... and who are they?" she pointed at some 'muslimah' who were sitting on the ground.

"They are our friends," I said confidently.

"We are Indonesian," my friend added.

"We are Indonesian domestic helpers," my other friend completed.

"Oh... ehmmm... Then why a lot of them and three of you also, wearing the veil?"

"Because this is an obligation!"

"But in my country, F****h, this thing is not allowed," said the lady.

"Why?" we got curious.

"Because it looks bad..."

"Astagfirullah hal adzim!"

I wish I could tell her more about 'The Crown' on our head. How we love it and so proud of  wearing it. And how we thanks to the country, allow us covering well our body without any fine. Unluckily the lady had walked away from us. Seemed like she was in a hurry. But still she greeted us,

"Happy New Year 2014"

We smiled sincerely at her. Deep within our heart, we prayed for our sisters who are still in their struggle to be a true 'muslimah'.
"Ya Rabb, Let not our hearts deviate Now after Thou hast guided us, But grant us mercy From Thine own Presence; For Thou art the Grantor Of bounties without measure."

-The End-


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