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From A Turkey Veil With Love
By. Ning Sehati

One Sunday morning 

10 am
Arga, a handsome girl, was ready at HKIA Hall A, not many people were standing there waiting for the arrival. Only some of the hotel staffs with their customers’ name written on a piece of white paper. She decided to take a seat at a small garden under the elevator. She was so excited to hear a news from her aunty couple days ago that a surprise gift for her was on the way, sent by a man who transited for a while in Hong Kong during his flight back to Indonesia. Yeah, that day was her birthday. Ehmmm,,, curiously she left home so early in the morning. The day was so hot in the middle of the summer season, but she didn't care at all to put some cream on her face and hand as always. Just wore a 'you can see' black shirt, she forgot that the sunshine might burn her skin. She also forgot to wear her lovely shoes, a pair of blue Puma. All she got was just an old slipper from the rack and a black hat on her head. She really looked like a teenage boy with her punk style. 

11 am
Arga looked at her watch, she got bored after one hour just sitting and doing nothing. If no delayed, the flight from Dubay should be landed in the next one hour. She took her phone from her pocket. Some whatsApp notifications showed, one was from Amel, her 'girl friend'. “Don’t forget to meet me at Wanchai MTR Station Exit A4, 1pm. I have booked a nice place to celebrate your special day, honey !!”. Short she replied “Ok !!”. Deep in her heart, Agra said to herself, “I’ll show you something very special later, Amel” while she smiled, so sure that the gift would be something very nice, as she knew how much her aunty loved her and always treated her as her own daughter since her mother passed away when she was 12 years old. 

12 am
Argo stood up from the wooden chair, the time was getting closer to meet Mr. X. She rather disappointed that her aunty had forgot to give her the picture of the man. She even didn’t tell her how the man looked like so that would be easier for her to recognize which one of him among the passengers. Ffffuuuuiiihhh,, Arga sighed. But still she walked confidently. “I’m sure that I will get you, man !!” her mind said. After ten minutes, some of tourist group walked out from the arrival hall. Many people come to Hong Kong from many countries all entire the world. American and European white people, small eyes mainland people, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Malay people, Indonesian,,, ups,,, there was only one Indonesian man among them. With a black 'kopyah' on his head and 'batik' shirt, the man looked so charming. Suddenly Arga’s heart beat so fast, she was so amazed, realized that the man was totally different from all the men surrounding her. 
“Assalamu’alaikum !!” the man had already stood up in front of Arga’s face. 
“uh,, eh,,, ah,,, wa’alaikum salam !” Arga replied his greeting nervously. 
“You must be Arga, right ??” the man asked Arga in a soft voice, a woman picture on his hand, and it's hers.
“Yes, I am !” Arga replied fast. 
“Oh, great ! Nice to see you. I’m Abdul !” the man hugged Arga.
“This is for you, from your aunty. She works with me in Turkey” Arga received a small parcel covered with a blue wrapping paper, her face got red, felt like burnt. What just happened, was really unexpected before. 
“Thank you, Abdul !” Arga tried to smile, pretending that there was nothing special from their first meeting. 
“Ok, I need to go now, Arga. May Allah let us meet again some other times. Take care of yourself !” Abdul touched Arga’s right shoulder. 
“In syaa Allah,,, Wa’alaikum salam” Arga felt her mouth was locked that she couldn’t say any more words for Abdul. 

12.50 pm
Arga walked to the woman rest room. She was so curious with the thing on her hand. Once she got there, soon she tore the wrapping paper away. And,,, “What ?!?!?!” she yelled. A black veil was there. “A veil ??!!” she yelled again, didn’t believe that her birthday surprise was just a piece of black cloth. Without she realized, some tears dropped from her eyes. Yes, Arga cried. She knew nothing about this thing. To cover her short brown hair with a veil, it never crossed in her mind. “How can I do this. What do you want from me by giving me this,,, ach,,, ??” Arga threw away the veil, her heart wondering when a shadow of her aunty’s face attended on the mirror. And it kept follow her all the way leave the airport. 

2 pm
Arga exited from the bus at Causway Bay. She walked directly to the Victoria Park where a lot of 'gamis' were sold there. Once she found a simple one, immediately she changed her pant with it at the woman rest room. Then she tried so hard to wear the veil also. A lot of people looked at her, but Arga was too busy to answer their question. No matter what might happen in the future, she decided to change back her life style. She did respect her aunty as she loved her mother. She didn't want to loose a figure of a mother twice. And this veil as though a reminder for her that she was a woman, someday she would be a wife and a mother. She couldn't against the fate. She felt so ashamed that she had done a big mistake by acting like a man these last tree years. "Yes, I have to get back to my real identity,,, for them and for him !" she promised herself. 

2.30 pm
A pretty girl, stood up in front of Arga's face, once she got out from the rest room. 
"Arga !!!!" Amel screamed out Arga's name, surprised the people around. Her face got red, ready to blow. 
"What are you doing ??!!" Amel dragged Arga's hand and pulled her out from the crowded. 
"Arga, tell me, what's going on ??!!,,, No,,, no,,, I don't need your explanation about cancelling our appointment suddenly. Please tell me, what's this ??" Amel directed her finger to Arga's head.
"Are you planning this to surprise me ??,,, This is all just a joke, isn't it ??!!". Amel kept asking so many questions but Arga choosed to keep silent. So many things in her mind, she didn't know how to tell Amel her decision. 
"Arga, are you okay, honey ??" Amel tried to reduce her voice.
"I'm sorry, Amel !!" Arga tried to be strong to Amel, the girl who had accompanied her in every difficulties since the first time she came to work in Hong Kong. She didn't want to injure Amel's heart by telling her the truth that some one other's face had just came into her heart, a man's face, a real man,,, Abdul's. Yeah,,, Arga quite sure that she had fallen in love with Abdul at the first sight. 'Thank you for the veil, Aunty ! I promise you, someday you'll see me as a true moslemah. I'm quit from being fake !!" Arga walked away, left Amel who sat alone under the tree. She's ready to became an Argiwati again. 

Bukan mudah,,,
Melepas hasrat,,,
Sungguh susah,,,

Apakan daya,,,
Janji harus ditepati,,,
Dengan segala upaya,,,

Janji pada diri,,,
Janji pada hati,,,
Janji pada nurani,,,
Janji pada Illahi,,,


Ku milik-Nya,,,
Kau pun miliknya,,,
Biar waktu bicara,,,
Kemana ujung kisah ini !!

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Gadis Lampu Merah

Lirih dia menghiba
Pagi tadi di bawah jembatan 
Alun-alun Kota Malang
Waktu mulai beranjak ke tengah 
Tapi tak nampak sepeserpun di sana 
Wajahnya tetap senyum menyerlah 
Seolah tak ada beban duka mengangah
Aku tau berat yang dia rasa 
Hendak makan apa esok lusa 

Aku dekati dia 
 terpaku menatap ayu wajahnya
Tak terasa sesuatu menetes di wajah
dan begitu sebak rasa di dada 
Di bulan yang Syawal ini 
Di saat teman yang lain bangga berbaju baru 
Seorang gadis kecil termenung sendiri 
Tak ada bapak tak ada ibu

"Mari sini, Nak! Ikut denganku!
Dia hanya tersipu,,, 
Sejenak terlontar kata,,, 
"Terima kasih... ada Allah bersamaku!"
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Langkah-langkah kecil ini mulai berirama,,,
Mendendangkan sejumput asa,,,
Melagukan sekelumit harap,,,
Terasa semakin ringan,,,
Meski beban tetap saja setia menggelayut,,,
Manja dan mendekap kian erat di pundak yang kian rapuh,,,
Angin yang sesekali mengusik,,,
Dibiarkan saja menerpa, menghapus gerah,,,
Bahkan hujan yang mengguyur pun,,,
Tak hendak diabaikan,,, dilalaikan,,,
Ya,,, Berkawan dan bermesra pada alam,,,
Yang sesekali memang tak bersahabat,,,
Serasa lebih memberi arti dan makna,,,
Pada angin, boleh menitipkan bisikan kalbu,,,
Biar kemana dia hendak melabuhkannya,,,
Pun pada hujan, boleh pula sembunyikan air mata ini,,,
Biar kemana dia hendak menghilirkannya,,,
Lelah memang lelah,,,
Letih memang letih,,,
Penat memang penat,,,
Namun yakin dan pasti,,,
Allah kan senantiasa ada disisi,,,
Menguatkan !!

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    Andy is one of favorite teacher  at SDN ISLAM 2 Pamekasan, Madura.  He has been teaching there for about 10 years, since he was graduated from IKIP NEGERI Malang in 2002. He teaches English and Islamic Religious Education. He knows that these two subjects are not easy for children, so that he knows that he must enjoy teaching, enjoy being around students. He also teaches them enthusiastically.

     Every 06.30 in the morning, he goes to school by bicycle because his house is not too far, it only takes 15 minutes. He starts teaching his students from 07.00am. During the class, he often asks students to sing an English song. They very enjoy this session. But the class has to end after  two hours and then Andy will go to another class. This time only need 1,5 hour before break time at 10.30am. After that he continues to teach Islamic Religious Education for another two class until the finish school bell is ringing.
      Back to home, Andy has a few hours to take a rest. He seldom uses this precious time to play with his one year old daughter. He really loves his family. Five minutes before 03.30pm he walks to reach Mushola Al-Fatah, it is located only 300 meters from his place. He teaches children how to recite Al-Qur’an there. He has ten santri for Iqro’ class and more than twenty for Al-Qur’an class. He divides these two classes each for one hour. The class ends at 05.30pm before the Maghrib prayer time comes Andy also a muadzin, he has done with this special job before he got married. So, he always stays there until finish doing the Isya’ prayer.
      Without back home first, he directly visits some students for a private computer course every 07.00pm to 09.00pm, from Monday to Friday. The students are from junior and senior high school. He gives them a packet of Ms. Office (both Ms. Word and Excel), Power Point and internet for beginner. After two hours, he goes back home.

      Get to home, Andy soon takes a shower. After that he enjoys the dinner accompanied by his lovely wife. This is a proper time for them to talk about their family needs, when his daughter has fallen asleep. Andy goes to bed early around 10.00pm. Even sometimes he still need to check some students’ papers and prepare anything for the next day lesson.
In the middle of the night, Andy wakes up and go to Masjid Jami’ in town for istighosah. Some jama’ah masjid are ready inside waiting for him. Before doing the night worship, they start to discuss about Islamic recent news around the world, mostly are local. Andy has got  lots of new knowledge from this meeting. Of course, he need to read some sources first before so that he wouldn’t left behind from others. After finishing all the night worships, around 02.00am he leaves the masjid and back home. Andy is a young man who is very obedient with his duty as an Allah slave. No matter how much work he needs to do, he never ignores about this important thing. For him, to be a slave and serve Allah thoroughly is number one. He is very grateful for every gifts that Allah has given to him. He says “To pleasant Allah The Creator is an obligation”.

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My Religion Trip To Guangzhou

Rombongan Tour
On 30th June 2013, I joined with Alibaba Holiday Limited, one of Travel Agencies in Hong Kong, together with some of my college friends, we went to visit Masjid Huaisheng and the cemetery of Saad Bin Abi Waqas, one of Rasulullah best friends in the past in Guangzhou, China. There were so many other Indonesian domestic helpers also that we used five buses.

I left home at 6 am, I took a train from Hung Hom Station to Lowu Immigration. After passing it, we started our journey at 9.30 am. It was need two and half hours to get to the first place, The Cemetery of Saad Bin Abi Waqas.

About one hour later we left that place and got some lunch first before we continued the trip. Alhamdulillah that we found a Halal Restaurant in China.

The last place was Masjid Huaisheng, the oldest masjid in China, we got there around Zuhur time, so that we could do the prayer together (jama’ah).

We were so enjoying the trip and for me, it has been the best one since two year contract I also need  to go to Guangzhou for work. I got new experiences and also some new friends. We arrived back in Hong Kong at 8 pm and directly back to our places.

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Aku terdiam,,,
Aku terpekur,,,
Aku tersungkur,,,

Aku merenung,,,
Aku melamun,,,
Aku mengapung,,,

Aku berdoa,,,
Aku memohon,,,
Aku bertafakur,,,

Pada Sang Khaliq,,,
Semoga Dia terangkan jalanku,,,
Semoga Dia mudahkan langkahku,,,
Semoga Dia ringankan bebanku,,,

Sujud syukur ku tiada terperi,,,
Padamu,,, Illahi Rabbi,,,
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      My Preference

      On my holiday, when I have no class or other appointment, I prefer staying at home to hanging around without any purpose. I would rather prepare breakfast for myself than buying food in Indonesian store. I like eating rice better than bread. I also prefer drinking tea to coffee. After finishing with my breakfast, I would rather do laundry first then do home chores.
      After finishing everything, while taking a rest I prefer to sit in front of my personal computer. There are a lot of information and knowledge I can find out. I also do long distance learning English by this way. It's free and flexible. No matter what happened outside, hot, windy or rainy, I still can study without any worry. Of course I can save my money.
      But sometimes I need to go out for class. I like taking train better than bus. I also prefer using the octopus card to coins to pay. It is very easy, just go to counter and give the staff some money to top up. Even almost all of them able to speak in English, I would rather speak in Chinese than English. I can feel they respect me because of it.
      Afternoon finish the class, I prefer going home soon to have dinner with friends. I like cooking food by myself better than wasting my money for unhealthy food. Before going to bed after cleaning my body, I prefer watching international news to local movies. A lot of friends they like making calls to other first before sleeping. But for me I would rather use my free time for reading a book than talk useless thing. I really don't like spending my precious moment for nothing.

Ku tak pernah menyadari betapa indahnya bintang sampai kau datang pada ku dan menunjukkan sinar terangnya,,,
Ku juga tak pernah menyadari batapa megahnya bulan sampai kau datang pada ku dan membawa ku terbang kesana,,,

Ku pun tiada menyadari betapa syahdunya malam sampai kau datang pada ku dan membisikkan sebait kata "cinta" ditelinga ku,,,
Yang Ku sadari hanya betapa hati ku bergejolak manakala kau tak datang memberi ku senyuman manis disetiap pagi hari ku,,,

Semoga rasa ini nyata,,, karna sungguh ku tak kan kuasa menahan air mata kalau sampai ia terhapus begitu saja,,,
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My Past Story

My Past Story

Four years after getting married and had a daughter, in 2004 I decided to work abroad. My destination was Malaysia, a Japanese factory that produces some electronic devices, NDK ASIAN CHRYSTAL Sdn. Bhd., which located in Syah Alam.

This job was divided into three shifts every day, morning 07.00am to 03.00pm, afternoon 03-00pm to 11.00pm and night 11.00pm to 07.00am. There was a half an hour break for every four hours working time. In the first contract for about two years, I worked as a production operator together with my team. There were ten people in every line. Everybody had their own job.  I myself with another Malay friend had responsibility for the frequency adjustment machines process.  We worked hardly to reach the specified target.

We worked inside a sterile room. We had to wear a closed clothes. We also need to enter a dust removal  room first to be vacuumed and blowed so that there would be no dirt and dust come inside the working room. Or otherwise they might damage the products. There are some machines in the room. The first step called Evaporation Machine. The second called Bonding Machine. The third called Frequency Adjusment Machine. And the last called RW Machine.
In my third year, I was able to do almost all the process in my line. I got so many overtime offers to replace others who were taking an annual leave or who was getting sick or other reasons as. I worked for sixteen hours from Monday to Thursday. It was so exhausting. But I enjoyed that time more than ever.

Finally, I was promoted as a Quality Control staff. I was so happy, because my salary got a rise. I was the only one from Indonesia. This was my biggest achievement. I was so proud, because all I knew that there had never been an Indonesian worker in this position before. I was more diligent to take some overtime on my holidays, so that I could send more money for my family in Indonesia and for my own saving.

There was a factory anniversary every year held at Sunway Lagoon Hotel. We were so excited to join this ceremony. The ladies were dressed up in such a way to be looked more beautiful at that night. Some local Malay artists were invited to entertain us. It was so much fun that we, Indonesian ordinary people could taste a five star hotel dish. At the end of the event, the most awaited was shared out the ‘door prizes’ time.  There were some electronic equipment such as mobile phone, rice cooker, MP4 Player, DVD Player, iron, fan, radio tape and so on. We went home happily, even though we just arrived home almost in the morning.

I decided to finish my contract after four years, because in 2008, my daughter had to go to school. No one was able to take care of her since I had divorced from my husband. It was a big decision because my career had just risen up. But I had no other choice. I finally left Malaysia and so many sweet memories, in Marc. Worked as a factory operator and a Quality Control Staff had taught me so many meaningful things. Quickness, discipline, accuracy, teamwork and time efficiency management. 

 - The End -
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A Remainder Story

It’s a true story about a friend. She is a single parent. She has been working in Hong Kong for about ten years !,,, She came here when she was so young, around 21 years old. After giving birth to his daughter, she decided to work oversea because at that time her husband was just a farmer without their own field. She choosed Hong Kong than others country for her first destination.
Luckily, without any skills, even any foreign language which she able to speak to communicate with Hong Kong people, she got a very nice and lovely family to work with. Her main job was taking care of a 3 months baby. She was unhappy at the beginning because the baby always remind her to her own in Indonesia. But, she kept smile in front of her employer, she tried so hard to hide her tears.
Day to day, she getting used to love the baby, she treated the baby very well. Her employer bought a mobile phone as a birthday present for her in December 2003. She was very happy because since that day, she could make a call for her family in Indonesia almost everyday. She had spent so much money just to show her love for her daughter.
Three years ago, her husband passed away on an accident. Employer gave her a month to go back to Indonesia. She cried all the way. She really drooped to hear that news. She felt so worry about her future, especially her daughter’s life after that. Who would take care of her daughter when she didn’t there anymore because she was still under contract so she need to fly back to Hong Kong for work. Her parents was too old, and her only brother had married and moved to other country.
On the plane, she sat next to a woman. The woman asked her, why she cried. She told her story and suddenly that woman said “Please, stop crying like this. Don’t worry about your daughter. My family has an Islamic boarding school in Tulungagung. We’ll take care of her while you work in Hong Kong”.’ Alhamdulillah, Allah gives me a way, thank you, Bu Nyai !’’She said.
Now, her daughter was already 10 years old. She becomes a hafidzah, she also gets a scholarship to continue her education until graduate from Senior High School. She really prouds of her daughter.
When I asked her, what is her big secret to get this happiness, she smiled at me,,, be quiet for a while,,, and than she answered me,,, ‘When Allah took back my husband, I got my awareness that He might prepare something else better for me. So, I tried to be ‘ikhlas’ with all His certainty. I didn’t angry because I’m sure that Allah will never leave me alone. Since that historical day, every month I send 10% of my salary for the Islamic boarding where my daughter has grow up on. Not for her, but for other orphaned children. I know that they have a right on mine’.
I couldn’t able to hide my tears anymore. I let myself cry in front of her. I felt so ashamed. What have I done all this time for others, not even to my own ??,,, Nothing !!,,, I took my phone, dialled an Indonesia’s number… “Hallo, assalamu’alaikum…”

Thank you for remained me a lot, my friend :-)

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Rasa itu agaknya masih kuat bercokol dalam kalbu,,,
Kini ia mululuhlantakkan segenap persendian kasih,,,
Musnah sudah segala kenangan,,,
Saat emosi diri tak lagi mampu terbendung !!

Tiada kata lain yang patut terucap,,,
Meski lobang luka makin menganga,,,
Entah bagaimana sanggup perbaiki keadaan,,,


Dear Hati,,,

Malam ini entah mengapa,,,
Kubiarkan dirimu bergemuruh tak karuan
Kubiarkan dirimu bersenandung riuh dalam gelisah,,,
Kubiarkan dirimu tergelepar kesana kemari
Ya, kubiarkan saja apa maumu tanpa sedikitpun ku hendak meredamnya !


Aku tau kau tengah terluka dalam
Aku tau kau tengah tersungkur tak berdaya
Aku juga tahu kau hancur berkeping-keping !

Tak kah kau ingat betapa suci dirimu sebelum ini ??
Betapa kokoh dirimu membendung segala beban selama ini ??
Betapa bersih dirimu nyaris tanpa noda jauh hari.dulu ??

Bersabarlah !!
Kuatlah !!
Bangkitlah !!
Yakinlah !!
Pada Si Maha Pemilik,,,
Dia menjagamu selalu,,,
Selalu tanpa jemu ~^_^~