Wednesday, 9 October 2013

      My Preference

      On my holiday, when I have no class or other appointment, I prefer staying at home to hanging around without any purpose. I would rather prepare breakfast for myself than buying food in Indonesian store. I like eating rice better than bread. I also prefer drinking tea to coffee. After finishing with my breakfast, I would rather do laundry first then do home chores.
      After finishing everything, while taking a rest I prefer to sit in front of my personal computer. There are a lot of information and knowledge I can find out. I also do long distance learning English by this way. It's free and flexible. No matter what happened outside, hot, windy or rainy, I still can study without any worry. Of course I can save my money.
      But sometimes I need to go out for class. I like taking train better than bus. I also prefer using the octopus card to coins to pay. It is very easy, just go to counter and give the staff some money to top up. Even almost all of them able to speak in English, I would rather speak in Chinese than English. I can feel they respect me because of it.
      Afternoon finish the class, I prefer going home soon to have dinner with friends. I like cooking food by myself better than wasting my money for unhealthy food. Before going to bed after cleaning my body, I prefer watching international news to local movies. A lot of friends they like making calls to other first before sleeping. But for me I would rather use my free time for reading a book than talk useless thing. I really don't like spending my precious moment for nothing.


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