Tuesday, 8 October 2013

My Past Story

My Past Story

Four years after getting married and had a daughter, in 2004 I decided to work abroad. My destination was Malaysia, a Japanese factory that produces some electronic devices, NDK ASIAN CHRYSTAL Sdn. Bhd., which located in Syah Alam.

This job was divided into three shifts every day, morning 07.00am to 03.00pm, afternoon 03-00pm to 11.00pm and night 11.00pm to 07.00am. There was a half an hour break for every four hours working time. In the first contract for about two years, I worked as a production operator together with my team. There were ten people in every line. Everybody had their own job.  I myself with another Malay friend had responsibility for the frequency adjustment machines process.  We worked hardly to reach the specified target.

We worked inside a sterile room. We had to wear a closed clothes. We also need to enter a dust removal  room first to be vacuumed and blowed so that there would be no dirt and dust come inside the working room. Or otherwise they might damage the products. There are some machines in the room. The first step called Evaporation Machine. The second called Bonding Machine. The third called Frequency Adjusment Machine. And the last called RW Machine.
In my third year, I was able to do almost all the process in my line. I got so many overtime offers to replace others who were taking an annual leave or who was getting sick or other reasons as. I worked for sixteen hours from Monday to Thursday. It was so exhausting. But I enjoyed that time more than ever.

Finally, I was promoted as a Quality Control staff. I was so happy, because my salary got a rise. I was the only one from Indonesia. This was my biggest achievement. I was so proud, because all I knew that there had never been an Indonesian worker in this position before. I was more diligent to take some overtime on my holidays, so that I could send more money for my family in Indonesia and for my own saving.

There was a factory anniversary every year held at Sunway Lagoon Hotel. We were so excited to join this ceremony. The ladies were dressed up in such a way to be looked more beautiful at that night. Some local Malay artists were invited to entertain us. It was so much fun that we, Indonesian ordinary people could taste a five star hotel dish. At the end of the event, the most awaited was shared out the ‘door prizes’ time.  There were some electronic equipment such as mobile phone, rice cooker, MP4 Player, DVD Player, iron, fan, radio tape and so on. We went home happily, even though we just arrived home almost in the morning.

I decided to finish my contract after four years, because in 2008, my daughter had to go to school. No one was able to take care of her since I had divorced from my husband. It was a big decision because my career had just risen up. But I had no other choice. I finally left Malaysia and so many sweet memories, in Marc. Worked as a factory operator and a Quality Control Staff had taught me so many meaningful things. Quickness, discipline, accuracy, teamwork and time efficiency management. 

 - The End -


rakazho said...

Satu pengalaman yg sulit dilupakan bahkan benar-benar melekat dalam memory pribadimu.Semoga pengalaman yg diceritakan bisa menjadi inspiratif bagi yang lain.

Unknown said...

semoga begitu,,,

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