Monday, 14 October 2013



    Andy is one of favorite teacher  at SDN ISLAM 2 Pamekasan, Madura.  He has been teaching there for about 10 years, since he was graduated from IKIP NEGERI Malang in 2002. He teaches English and Islamic Religious Education. He knows that these two subjects are not easy for children, so that he knows that he must enjoy teaching, enjoy being around students. He also teaches them enthusiastically.

     Every 06.30 in the morning, he goes to school by bicycle because his house is not too far, it only takes 15 minutes. He starts teaching his students from 07.00am. During the class, he often asks students to sing an English song. They very enjoy this session. But the class has to end after  two hours and then Andy will go to another class. This time only need 1,5 hour before break time at 10.30am. After that he continues to teach Islamic Religious Education for another two class until the finish school bell is ringing.
      Back to home, Andy has a few hours to take a rest. He seldom uses this precious time to play with his one year old daughter. He really loves his family. Five minutes before 03.30pm he walks to reach Mushola Al-Fatah, it is located only 300 meters from his place. He teaches children how to recite Al-Qur’an there. He has ten santri for Iqro’ class and more than twenty for Al-Qur’an class. He divides these two classes each for one hour. The class ends at 05.30pm before the Maghrib prayer time comes Andy also a muadzin, he has done with this special job before he got married. So, he always stays there until finish doing the Isya’ prayer.
      Without back home first, he directly visits some students for a private computer course every 07.00pm to 09.00pm, from Monday to Friday. The students are from junior and senior high school. He gives them a packet of Ms. Office (both Ms. Word and Excel), Power Point and internet for beginner. After two hours, he goes back home.

      Get to home, Andy soon takes a shower. After that he enjoys the dinner accompanied by his lovely wife. This is a proper time for them to talk about their family needs, when his daughter has fallen asleep. Andy goes to bed early around 10.00pm. Even sometimes he still need to check some students’ papers and prepare anything for the next day lesson.
In the middle of the night, Andy wakes up and go to Masjid Jami’ in town for istighosah. Some jama’ah masjid are ready inside waiting for him. Before doing the night worship, they start to discuss about Islamic recent news around the world, mostly are local. Andy has got  lots of new knowledge from this meeting. Of course, he need to read some sources first before so that he wouldn’t left behind from others. After finishing all the night worships, around 02.00am he leaves the masjid and back home. Andy is a young man who is very obedient with his duty as an Allah slave. No matter how much work he needs to do, he never ignores about this important thing. For him, to be a slave and serve Allah thoroughly is number one. He is very grateful for every gifts that Allah has given to him. He says “To pleasant Allah The Creator is an obligation”.


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